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Air Your Opinons on the Mexican Museum and Residential Tower Project at 706 Mission

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706 Mission project [Photo: SF Planning (pdf alert)]

After public hearing at the Historic Preservation Commission a few weeks ago, the Draft Environmental Impact Report for the Mexican Museum & Residential Tower at 706 Mission is back before the Planning Commission tomorrow. If you missed your opportunity to testify on whether you love it or hate it (which based on comments from the last post about the project, it's pretty split), here's your second chance. The proposed project includes the construction of a new 550-foot-tall, 47-story tower to be adjacent and connected to the existing 10-story Aronson Building, which would be restored and rehabilitated. The project would include up to 215 residential units, space for The Mexican Museum, possible office use, and ground-floor retail/restaurant use, as well as conveyance of the existing Jessie Square Garage with 442 parking spaces. Thoughts, questions, concerns? Voice em all at City Hall tomorrow.
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