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Vandals Go After the Bees; Pinterest Relocating to San Francisco

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[Photo via Rob Williamson]

BERNAL HEIGHTS— Since we're on a roll with news of people behaving very, very badly, we thought we'd inform you that vandals knocked over and smashed wooden beehive boxes at Alemany Farm on the south slope of Bernal Heights two weeks ago. The volunteer-run community farm provides hands-on education programs. "Every now and then someone knocks over a hive," veteran beekeeper Karen Peteros told the Chron. "But this went beyond that; it was mayhem violence." The vandals used large chunks of concrete and tree limbs to destroy the beehives. [SFGate/Bernalwood]

SoMa—The Mayor and Pinterest head honcho Ben Silbermann announced today that Pinterest is planning a move from its currently digs in Palo Alto to San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood. The Mayor, of course, said something along the lines of being thrilled that another tech company is joining the 'Innovation Capital of the World.' Pinterest hasn't nailed down a long-term lease yet, but they have signed a short-term lease for space in the area to accommodate immediate growth. Bonus: Mayor Lee debuted his new Pinterest page today, but unfortunately it lacks any photos of fashionable hairstyles or instagram photos. [Curbed Inbox]