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Who's Trashier? Marina Blondes or Mission Hipsters?

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Fort Mason, July5, 2012 [Photo Credit: National Park Service, via SFist]

It's nice to know that the drunken Marina blondes and frat boys have something in common with the legendary hipsters of the Mission. Another episode of Why We Can't have Nice Things played out this week with the sad news via SFist that Fort Mason was trashed celebrating our independence, and from The Chronicle that the same happened at Dolores Park. The only difference seems to be that at Fort Mason, the trash was more upscale and included a new barbecue as well a plywood bar— although the revelers left ample evidence they shopped at the Safeway across the street. Clearly the answer is to shut down the Safeway. Meanwhile, Jamie Howell over in Rincon Hill is using this weeks' holiday trashing of the two parks as evidence that the same thing will occur around the yet-unbuilt Warriors Stadium and that drunken men will be "peeing on our buildings nightly."
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