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What Happens to the Diego Rivera Mural if CCSF Shuts Down?

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City College is on the brink of losing its accreditation. What happens if it does? Does it get shut down and assets sold off— or does the BoS argue about it first? And what happens to the more than 90,000 students at the state's largest college in one of the world's richest cities? While dwelling on that paradox, try this one: what's the future of Diego Rivera's epic mural Pan American Unity, commissioned by campus architect Timothy Pfluger and executed by Rivera at the 1939 Worlds Fair on Treasure Island? We looked at the mural's past and its future at CCSF earlier his year but things don't seem to have progressed much in giving it a new home on campus. Worth many millions of dollars and housed in a cramped, underwhelming theater lobby, it's a work arguably more important than the Coit Tower murals and much harder to get to. And unlike most frescos (paint applied directly to wet plaster) the Rivera mural was expressly designed in panels to allow for relocation. · City College of San Francisco on Brink of Closure [SFGate]
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[Images of Diego Rivera's Pan American Unity courtesy of City College of San Francisco, © 1998-2004]