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A Living Room Made For Whiskey and CIgars

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Behind a low wall and a little patio, this charmingly unpretentious house hides a gloomy secret— in the form of a dark-paneled doubled parlor with a fireplace and wet bar, a space crying out for deep leather chairs and Chesterfield sofas. Clubby! The rest of the 4-bed. 1.5-bath house isn't that interesting although there are high ceilings and three exposures. Unencumbered by a garage, it came on the market today asking $1,075,000 touting its proximity to the Google and Apple buses. There's a garden with possibilities. The large second living room and deck is apparently unwarranted and has its own entrance. The kitchen is serviceable, but there's only one bath upstairs for the four rooms described as "bedrooms" that open to each other. So yes, also quirky, in that part of the Mission that became Noe Valley a few years back when the San Francisco Association of Realtors expanded the neighborhood boundaries. We don't expect this to get much of an overbid, but hey, we've been wrong before. You can decide for yourself— the house is open on Sunday, July 8 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.
· 1169 Guerrero Street [Redfin]