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Yet Another Dreaded Discretionary Review in Noe Valley

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Up before the Planning Commission this week, another episode of "We Expanded Our House, But You Can't" as two neighbors in Noe Valley duke it out over the planned renovation of 4365 26th Street. The next-door neighbors at 4371 have filed a "Request for a Discretionary Review" with just about every objection in the book– accusations that it's actually a demolition in disguise, it's a spec project, it's too tall, it's too wide, it will block their light and views, plus destroy the valuable mid-block open space.

After completing their own expansion three years ago, the complainant is also concerned that their new lot line window will be blocked, and that "the expansion will look directly into our daughters' bedrooms" which of course face in an entirely different direction, but they've assumed no one will notice. The complaint gets more absurd as it goes on, with the complainant submitting as evidence views from their windows filled with red brick. The new house will be roughly the same size as the objecting neighbor's, and so far everyone else nearby supports the project. As for the owner of 4365, they point out that they could have expanded an addition 18 feet into their yard. We almost wish they would. Planning staff recommends rejecting the Discretionary Review.
· Planning Commission Meeting Agenda, Item 10 [SFPC]