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CPMC Under Fire

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California Pacific Medical Center's plans for expansion may be at risk after an anonymous whistleblower supplied the Board of Supervisors with financial documents. Supervisors Chiu, Cohen, and Olague presented the documents which showed that CPMC's operating margin could go into negative numbers by 2018. The info relates to an escape clause in the plan's approvals that if the operating margin stayed negative for two straight years, CPMC would be allowed to close St. Luke's Hospital, a hospital that primarily serves low-income patients. The leaked documents were described as "an element of deception" by the Supervisors, but a CPMC spokesman said the figures dated from March and were found to faulty, so they were discarded. While the Mayor's office is working with CPMC to reevaluate that portion of the agreement, four of the Supervisors stated in a letter that they would delay their July 17 vote on the agreement until an independent analysis is done on CPMC's finances. [SF Appeal/Photo: SF Planning]