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Hang Out On The Roof, Live Over The Store On Hotaling Place

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A long way from its Barbary Coast days, the Jackson Square neighborhood has for decades been a low-rise neighborhood of restored commercial buildings, now mostly populated by sedate antiques and design related businesses with very swank living accommodations above. 42 Hotaling Place is no exception. The top floor 3-bed, 2.5-bath luxury loft condominium came on the market late last week asking $3,500,000, and also comes with an immense planted roof deck, theoretically giving the new owner one of San Francisco's biggest back yards just upstairs and accessed through a solarium. Much of the seismic retrofit is visible, and this sleekly contemporary interior has none of the twee bits associated with pre-1900 buildings— the huge master suite has a small office adjoining, the requisite luxury bath, and a walk-in closet to get lost in. No discernible garage, and the ground-floor gallery unit (it's a three unit building) is available for an additional $1,700,000 and ready for its "re-incarnation."
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