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What's (Not Yet) Happening at 655 Folsom?

Folsom Street Development [Photo: LoopNet]

A clued-in reader sent us this tip about 655 Folsom Street — apparently the owner of the site (now a Chinese restaurant) is interested in taking advantage of the height allowances and building a 11-15 floor tower. Current plans are for 10 to 12 residential floors (60 to 72 units) and 1 to 3 floors for commercial or office use, or other possible plans include condominium or hotel development. Don't get too excited - there are no entitlements for any project, these designs are just mockups, and right now the owner is just looking for developers and investors. Have a couple extra million laying around? Get that party started!

Folsom Street Development [Photo: LoopNet]

· Folsom Street Development [LoopNet]