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Top Three Residential Property Sales For the Past Seven Days

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Listed for: $2,450,000
Received: $2,400,000
Size: 3-bed, 2.75-bath, 3,172-square-feet
Location: 4570 19th Street, Eureka Valley
The skinny: First listed on May 31st, the home went into contract in less than two weeks. We're not entirely sure why it didn't at least get its asking price, as homes in this neighborhood are going for hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking. According to one agent, the garage is "at the rear of the property and is accessible through an easement in the middle of the block. Probably too far away from the house to make it practical to use for everyday parking." Parking. It's always about parking.

Listed for: $2,595,000
Received: $2,500,000
Size: 4-bed, 4-bath, 2,912-square-feet
Location: 430 Hill Street, Eureka Valley
The skinny: Another big and beautiful Eureka Valley home that accepted an offer below its asking price. This home went into contract less than a month after being listed.

Listed for: $25,000,000
Received: $17,000,000
Size: 4-bed, 7.5-bath, unlisted square footage
Location: 2808 Broadway Street, Pacific Heights
The skinny: This big house is located on Billionaire's Row, home to the very rich like the Getty family, Larry Ellison, and a few other bazillionaires. The neo-Tudor brick and stone home was built in 1927 by Willis Polk & Company, the successor firm to architect Willis Polk who died in 1924. This is the second most expensive sale of the year.