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At Market, Church & Dolores Streets, Change is Closing in on Safeway

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You may not have noticed, but change is seriously afoot around Market Street's last large parking lot. Of course, we mean the Safeway at Market and Church Streets. Readers have been wondering and Sean Sullivan reminded us about 1998 Market Street, the Arquitectonica designed project (replacing a gas station) now underway for a 115-condo, 52-parking space (in stackers) plus 2 handicapped and 2 car share spots, plus 7200-sq-ft of retail space. Which we hope will include a cafe.
Meanwhile, if you turn west, just behind the statue of Simón Bolívar leading the charge up Dolores Street, you'll see the huge hole in the ground that's on its way to becoming 2001 Market Street, a long-delayed project (replacing a Ford dealership) that will bring a Whole Foods and 80 condos (and parking for both) to the neighborhood. Plus the dauntingly-wide intersection of Market and Dolores will get narrowed with bulb-outs.

As for transit, the the past few weekends have seen new track and platforms going in on Church Street, making a more pedestrian-friendly connection with the MUNI on Duboce Street. So aside from more work for realtors, there's more food, a better streetscape, improved transit, and glassy low-rise buildings filling in the angles. So long-range, the question becomes how long before Safeway goes the way of new development?
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