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Sharpen Your Pencils

As per John King in today's Chronicle, three teams have been chosen to compete in a conceptual redesign of the Fort Mason Center. West 8, Bruner/Cott and AMP Arcquitectos are the three lead firms and have assembled teams with other firms to compete in re-imagining the historic, deliberately-isolated former Army depot. Designs to be revealed in October. The big issues seem to be a lack of connection to surrounding neighborhoods (and Upper Fort Mason) plus the vast stretches of asphalt parking lot- in addition to generally making the place more friendly. As for getting something built, it's all been organized under the auspices of the GGNRA, whose Conservancy has shown remarkable agility in getting things paid for. It would also be nice if someone managed to extend the F line to Fort Mason. [SF Gate/Curbed SF]

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