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Macondary-Adjacent & Maybeck-ish Cottage Takes a Cut

Was: $1,875,000
Now: $1,780,000
You Save: $95,000 It's not much of a chop, but it's a start, considering house much of an investment in time and money this house requires for masters and mistresses of the universe to even think about moving in. No big deal in Berkeley— just another sweet, quirky brown shingle house— where it would be about a $1,000,000 less. Russian Hill residents are notoriously difficult about change, new construction, building heights and views, so adding three bedrooms and an au pair suite could be a challenge here. At least the 2-car garage is already in, and otherwise, the 3-bed, 3-bath Arts & Crafts/Craftsman cottage is a in impeccable original condition and ready for a lovely life c.1919. How much do you think it should go for?
· Maybe a Maybeck, Still a Sweet Russian Hill Cottage [Curbed SF]
· 1960 Jones Street [Redfin]