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A Look at Parcel P in 2014

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We had a look earlier this week at the impending demise of the Hayes Valley Farm at Parcel P. The urban farmers are planning to vacate the premises February, 2013 and it's probably a sign of something– we're not sure what– that Hayes Valley hasn't risen up with pitchfork and pike to keep the land agricultural. The site's developer, Avalon Bay Communities, responded with a pair of renderings (teasers, really) for their project at the site, expected to break ground in Spring, 2013.

Avalon Bay got an exemption last month from an EIR, which pretty much greenlights the project unless someone appeals, and sometime in 2014 there should be 182 new rental units in with 91 parking spaces underground, plus retail, in a series of buildings ranging from 40- to 55-feet high. We're liking the random rhythm of the repeating bays and window sizes mimicking what might have been there before– without actually trying to replace it. Once a ramp of the Central Freeway that most of us have forgotten ever existed, currently nameless project is on Oak Street from Laguna to Octavia Boulevard, and the developer will remake a block of Hickory Street which currently doesn't exist.
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Parcel P

Oak at Laguna, San Francisco, CA