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Designs for Oscar Park: Climbing Walls, Beer Gardens, and Amphitheaters - Oh My!

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Last week the Transbay Redevelopment CAC gave a presentation on the design for Oscar Park in the new Transbay district, and the slides are now online with comments cards. Designed by local landscape architects CMG, the proposal is public open space across three blocks, connecting Folsom Street to the proposed Transbay Terminal at Howard Street. The site's a unique one, as it'll sit under an off-ramp from the Bay Bridge. The park would be separate from the 5.4-acre City Park planned for the roof of the center's bus and rail terminal. Initial plans move away from traditional parks, with ideas like a beer garden, a spot to watch outdoor movies and a farmers' market. The presentation included three distinct design approaches. The first, an urban wild park, would include "adventure play" with a climbing wall, dog park, and sport courts. A culture park would have playgrounds, amphitheaters and stages, retail space, and a flexible plaza (think more like Yerba Buena). The third option, a terrain park, would include overlooks, a beach, a fern grove, and a dog park. All of the designs included bike and pedestrian lanes with lots of connections to the surrounding streets. Other suggestions from last week's meeting include skate parks and a community garden. 59% of the folks at the meeting voted in favor of the culture park. The full presentation is online, and comment cards area available for those who couldn't make the meeting but want to submit their opinions.
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