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Help a Local Nonprofit That Caters to Underserved Youth Get Back On its Feet

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BAYCAT, a Bay Area nonprofit that educates and employs underserved youth in the digital media arts, had its Dogpatch campus robbed last Thursday, resulting in the loss of all student laptops. This unfortunate event happened just two weeks before the premiere of a youth-produced TV show, scheduled for July 26. "Beyond the cost of equipment, which is substantial for a relatively small nonprofit like us, the most devastating loss was five weeks of students' work, including completed comic books, first cuts of short films, and other projects that cannot be replaced," said BAY founder and CEO Villy Wang. But fear not, says BAYCAT. The nonprofit's launched The Show Must Go On, a fundraising campaign to replace the stolen student laptops. Above, a video of why you should help. Here, a link to the fundraising page, which hopes to raise $50,000 in 50 days so their students can continue to create award-winning short films.
· The Show Must Go On! [indiegogo]
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