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Board of Supervisors Discuss the CPMC, Money For Parks, Billionaires Fenced In

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Current rendering of Cathedral Hill site, from Van Ness and Post Streets [Photo: SF Planning (PDF alert!)]

Dueling Agendas:There's a public hearing on the appeal of the final EIR for the California Pacific Medical Center Long Range Development Plan Project, the new medical center to occupy an immense site straddling Van Ness Avenue and replace the Pacific Heights campus in its entirety– with ramifications for their St. Lukes Hospital in the Mission. Appellants are not preservationists (it might be argued the Mid-Century Jack Tar Hotel should be considered an historic resource, but no one has risen to the occasion) but more of a social justice coalition: Council of Community Housing Organizations, Cathedral Hill Neighbors Association, Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center, Jobs with Justice San Francisco, and San Franciscans for Healthcare, Housing, Jobs and Justice. Supes to decide whether to uphold the EIR or reverse their approval of it– in response to worries over jobs for minorities, health care expenses, and the fate of medical care in the Mission/Bernal nabes. If you're quick, you can make it to the construction trades demonstration in favor of the project at noon.
· Appeal of CPMC Final EIR [PDF/BoS Agenda]
· CPMC Long Range Development Plan [Curbed SF Archives]

Ballot Measure:You've already made up your mind about Obama and Romney, so the BoS is handing you something else to chew on. They'll decide today whether or not to go forward with putting a $195M bond issue up before voters on November 6 to cover the cost of the San Francisco Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Plan. Money for parks? Sounds good to us, but what does "authorizing landlords to pass-through 50% of the resulting property tax increase to residential tenants in accordance" mean. exactly? We sure to find out sometime before the election.
· General Obligation Bond [PDF/BoS Agenda]

Fencing: Up before the Board of Supervisors today is the decision to hear an Appeal of Determination of Exemption From Environmental Review for 1100 Lombard Street (.pdf) which translates to John Sperling, the owner of the Fanny Osborne-Stevenson house next door on the market for $14.9M not wanting a 10-foot high fence built on their mutual property line. The fence is part of the renovation of 1100 Lombard which includes an expanded garage and new rear fire stairs– the currently-sad looking building was once part of Fanny's house but was split off at a later date. The Planning Department gave the project an exemption and permits have been issued by the Buildings Department, but Sperling's consultants are saying that because the building is a potential historic resource, it requires a CEQA.
· Appeal of Determination of Exemption From Environmental Review for 1100 Lombard Street [PDF/BoS Agenda]
· That Mrs. Stevenson's House up For Grabs Again

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