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OK, Where's Your Billionaire Sponsor When You Need Him?

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[Photo Credit: © Gilles Martin-Raget via America's Cup]

Apparently even America's Cup teams run on tight budgets and can't find anywhere affordable to live in San Francisco. This plaintive appeal appeared in our email yesterday from a sailor whose native language is not English:

I am looking for housing an professional sailracing team to SFC for the month of August, and another period from Sept/Oct. We are 11-13 ppl with a ok Budget. But it is almost impossible to get a rental house in the SF Area that isnt 40min away from the Piers for short term and under 10k! I have been using all the websites VRBO / craigslist / Tripadvisor/ corporate housing. We are trying to get something near the Piers so our travel time isnt too long to the base, sailors and shore crew can have different schedules. Also be in the nice city of SFC, us the local services (food, laundry, hardware store, groceries) and not somewhere in Alameda or Pacifica like other teams. Any tips, any real estate agents that deal mainly with temporary rents?

It seems the team sponsors didn't budget enough 1.5 years ago when first considering the America's Cup World Series– the ongoing race that concludes here next month– and the Louis Vuitton Cup in September. Any suggestions are welcome in the comments. You'd think with all the big empty houses around Pacific Heights and Russian Hill some generous sailing fan would put them up. Some of us may want to plan ahead and move back in with Mom & Dad.
[Update: Looks like they're headed for a rental in Pacifica. Wrong body of water, but maybe they'll get in some surfing.]
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