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The Noble Experiment at Parcel P About To End

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[Photo Credit: Kelsey Roeder via Hayes Valley Farm]

The ad hoc but much-loved Hayes Valley Farm has until the end of February, 2013 to vacate Parcel P, a freeway ramp in a former life and now the site of a planned housing complex by Avalon Bay. Hayeswire has an update and although the farmers can still occupy the adjoining Parcel Q (slated for affordable housing in the future) they're probably not going to operate the farm next to a construction site. While there's not much to go on image-wise for their project, Avalon Bay did get an exemption from the Planning Department last month (there's a very basic site plan pulled from the Planning docs after the jump) for a long series of courtyards surrounded by what are designed to look like small-scaled individual structures but are actually six buildings over a parking platform, with retail on Octavia Boulevard. The also seem to be taking responsibility for an 'enhanced" version of the phantom block of Hickory Street from the boulevard to Laguna Street. So maybe by 2014?

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You know the site– once referred to as a "feral parking lot" it's that empty stretch on the north side of Oak Street you probably barely noticed while trying to get onto Octavia Boulevard from the wrong lane. The transformation of the neighborhood has been slow, blocked by NIMBYs, affordable housing advocates, and freeway lovers, and the general collapse of the real estate market didn't much help. But it's also been fueled by an urbane inventiveness, a love of good eats, and coffee. With the newly-fierce rental market and it's proximity to Mid-Market, it seems to be back on track.
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Hayes Valley Farm

450 Laguna Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

Parcel P

Oak at Laguna, San Francisco, CA