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Enjoy the View From the 41st Floor of the Infinity

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Last sold in very late 2009 for $1,530,000, Unit 41E in Tower II of the Infinity has just landed on the market with an asking price of $2,690,000. The 3-bed, 2-bath condo's listing tells us that the unit's "sexy & sophisticated," something we're going to have to agree on, especially when looking at the bedroom that's been converted into a sleek home office. The main living are is tricked out and full the usual fanciness you'd associate with the Infinity: contemporary kitchen cabinetry, custom hardwood flooring, and views, views, and more views. Our biggest residential tower pet peeve —the lack of a window in any of the bathrooms —is not apparent in this unit. On the contrary, the master bath's tub has a wall-to-wall window that looks out onto the balcony (or into the bathroom if you're sipping a martini from the 41st floor unit's ledge) and beyond. A real treat. Monthly HOA dues are $812 and there's 1-car parking in the garage. Building amenities include everything you could possibly imagine.
· 338 Spear Street, Unit 41E [Redfin]

The Infinity

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