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Slumlord Has to Shell Out $800,000 For Building Code Violations

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Unfortunately we bring news of more people behaving very, very badly. But at least this story has a somewhat happy ending. Bayview Property Managers, whose president, James Blanding, used to work as a civil engineer with the city's Department of Public Works, has agreed to pay an $800,000 civil fine - which is the most cash any person or company's had to shell out for building code violations in the City's history. He owns 32 properties and since 2001 the Department of Building Inspections logged 467 code violations at more than half of his properties, most of which are located in the southeastern neighborhoods, which is where many low-income residents reside. Supervisor Malia Cohen, whose district includes many of the troubled properties said "there are dozens of families, children, seniors and individuals that have been subjected to deplorable living conditions for decades."
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