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David Chiu is Very Mean to the 8 Washington Project, Which Probably Means It Will Go Forward

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A view worth preserving? The eastern end of Jackson Street, now cut off from the Embarcadero by private tennis courts.

Without going into the political calculus, the BoS President has always been against the proposed development of 8 Washington Street— it's in his district— so his appearance yesterday before the board's three member Budget and FInance Subcommittee didn't come as a surprise. According to the Chronicle, Chiu implied:

?backers of the project hadn't supplied needed paperwork, had broken the law by trying to cut a deal with Port of San Francisco officials before the project went out to bid, had inflated the value of benefits provided to the port and would never come up with the money promised to the port and the city. He also said that the port's proposed 50-50 split of the additional property tax from the project probably should be 80-20 in favor of the city.All of which probably indicates that the full board will approve the project next Tuesday. Just not unanimously, and with some remaining bits to be hammered out over the weekend. Supervisor Avalos wants the developer to pay more than the $11M already committed to the city's affordable housing fund, and so voted against with Chu and Kim voting to approve. The developer also agreed to cut back 20% on parking spaces. But they always plan too many of them anyway, and the project is expected to look much like its latest renderings. We've been watching this project over the years, basically cage-fighting for middle-aged rich people over a complex real estate deal involving a Ports parking lot, a '60s-vintage Redevelopment Agency legacy, private tennis courts in a public right-of-way, and the Ghost of the Embarcadero Freeway.
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