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On the Agenda For Today's Board of Supervisors Meeting: Candlestick Park Lease, Annoying Tour Buses

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TOUR BUSES - A crackdown on tour buses is under foot, with two pieces of legislation aimed at limited the disturbance of the giant buses. First is an ordinance amending the Transportation Code to include violations for vehicles other than authorized Tour Buses parking or stopping in restricted Tour Bus Stands or buses exceeding the time limit and exclude Tour Bus Stands from otherwise applicable parking restrictions. Second is an ordinance to prohibit the use of amplified sound systems on unenclosed tour buses (unless it's not audible from more than 50ft) and adding fees for approval and issuance to operate a sound system on an unenclosed tour bus. [SF Gov]

CANDLESTICK PARK - The Supes will also be voting on an amendment to let the 49er terminate their lease at Candlestick Park early. If they break the lease between May 31, 2014, and May 31, 2015, they have to pay the City $1,000,000 in consideration for the early termination option, and make added minimum guaranteed payment to the City of $4,295,000 (if the team plays no regular season or post-season NFL games at Candlestick in the 2014 season...up to $5,000,000 more if they do). If this ends up happening, $1,045,000 of the money will go to youth programs for the City's Recreation and Park Department. [SF Gov]

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