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San Francisco School Gets More Than A New Look

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Aerial view of the new San Francisco School[Credit: StarkweatherBondy]

They started out in 1966 as a Montessori pre-school with seven students in the "working class" Portola neighborhood. Forty-six years later and now pre-school to 8th grade, the San Francisco School is expanding and breaking ground tomorrow for a new facility there. Designed by architects StarkweatherBondy, they're calling it a community center, the key piece being a multi-purpose space that can apparently go from gym to auditorium in mere minutes, thus becoming an after-school resource for the entire Portola neighborhood. Looks like they're replacing much of the current school with new construction, giving up some parking spaces and gaining a plaza— a kind of town square. The campus is tucked away behind trees near the the massive 280/101 Bayshore/Alemany intersection on Gaven Street. So far, they've raised almost half of the estimated $9M the new facility will cost, and expect to move in a year from now.
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The San Francisco School

300 Gaven Street, San Francisco, CA