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Meet the Latest Addition to Our Under 500K Club

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We're not entirely sure what the deal is with this 1-bed, 1-bath single-family home that's part of a condo complex. The 902 square foot abode has two levels, and judging by the photos the bedroom has been staged as a den. Chime in if you have a different theory. Asking price? $475,000. From the listing we learn that it's "freshly painted and completely updated with modern finishes and brand new appliances," so you won't have to make any runs to Home Depot. The garage has been converted to a living space, so you'll have to rent parking in the condo building for $250 per month if you don't want to park the Benz on the street. Monthly HOA dues are $150 plus $18 per occupant (weird!).
· 89 28th Street [Redfin]