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More Craziness in Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights

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Throughout the summer Curbed SF will periodically be taking advantage of the Curbed empire's 'summer Fridays" program. In other words, we're cutting out early today. Enjoy the weekend and see you bright and early on Monday!

A few months ago we brought you this dated-but-adorable house on 20th that sold well over its absurdly low asking price. Now, a few blocks to the south, this 3-bedroom, 2-bath fixer-upper sold for 34% above asking at $1,545,000. Yes, over a million and half dollars for a house that needs new floors. Additionally, when you go in to do the work, some things have already been done without permits, so you may have to go back and fix things even if you don't want to. So we hope the subfloors are in good shape, because aside from new flooring, you've got some bathrooms to update -- though that ships wallpaper may be so old that it's now "retro" and hip again. There's something kind of charming about the kitchen, but anyone willing to drop this kind of scratch on a fixer is going to have that ripped out. We love the backyard and the deck -- and this is a neighborhood where you can enjoy the sun. The last feature is a ground floor studio apartment, which may or may not be legal or occupied, the listing doesn't say. The bones of this house are great, and it has great views of downtown, but what is it about this hill making folks go bonkers? Tell us your thoughts, dear readers. Was this another house priced too low to begin with, or is something crazy going on over here?
· 3721 21st St [Redfin]