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Where to Put The Warriors if Pier 30 Doesn't Work Out?

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We're big fans of the Chronicle's architecture and urban design critic John King. Welcome to Today In John King, an ongoing series of posts keeping up with his opinions and enthusiasms.

In yesterday's Chronicle, John King had a look at the the vague, golden-hued renderings put forth by the Warriors management, their first baby steps towards building a new home at Pier 30. And given San Franciscans' predilection for looking at gift horses very carefully— usually well past the tonsils— he cites Don Fisher's attempt to build a museum in the Presidio and the accompanying uproar before the collection was folded into SFMOMA. Rightfully wondering how something as big as an enclosed stadium is going to look and fit on the Embarcadero, he asks if the team have a "Plan B" or even a "Plan C" to fall back on. King suggests two other potential venues— the Giants' Mission Rock project and the empty lots currently owned by Salesforce.Com further south— both of which probably make more sense than Pier 30. For starters, they're waterfront but still on dry land. And not on the Embarcadero. From here, it looks like the Warriors management may be their own worst enemy. If nothing else, their images of what appears to be an immense, glowing bagel on the waterfront are bound to set NIMBY antennas a-quiver all over town.
· Warriors Arena- Is Embarcadero The Right Place? [John King/SFGate]
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Mission Rock

Pier 50, , CA 94158

Warriors Arena

Pier 30-32, San Francisco, CA 94105