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Will the $27M Sale of 2701 Broadway Be the Most Expensive of the Year?

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We've reached the middle of the year, so we thought it best to divulge what the current most expensive sale of the year is. Will 2701 Broadway on Billionaire's Row continue on as the most expensive abode to sell in 2012? Or will we have a St. Regis penthouse-like situation towards the end of December? (FYI: The most expensive sale of 2011 was 2950 Broadway, which sold for $29.5M.) While a good chunk of San Francisco's priciest real estate is currently in contract, there are only two other properties more expensive than the $27M sale of 2701 Broadway that happened in February. 2901 Broadway is asking $38M and has been on the market for an exhausting 1,892 days. 2845 Broadway is asking $38.5M and has been on and off the market since March of 2006. 2701 Broadway, a 7-bed, 7-bath, 16,400-square-foot mansion, is the priciest sale of the year so far. Readers, think it'll last? Or will we see an even bigger sale later this year?
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