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Google Uses the Moscone Center In Ways We Never Imagined

By way of 9to5 Google, we find this video of Sergey Brin breaking out a demo of Google Glass in the middle of Google's I/O keynote today. It involves extreme sports taking place on the top and side of the Moscone Center. First, skydivers jump out of a plane and all land on the roof of the venue, then a group of bikers do tricks mid-air while they jump over a portion of the roof. After that, a few dudes scale down the building and enter on the third floor's balcony, where they bike through the keynote's aisles and then pop up on the stage to give Brin a high five. The entire performance is live.
· Sergey Brin’s Google Glass skydiver demo from I/O keynote [Video] [9to5 Google]

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