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Polite Applause All Around For Belvedere's Latest $5M Landscaping Job

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Photo Credit: Marin IJ/Alan Dep and Google Maps]

We all want bigger yards and better views, but one Belvedere couple put up some serious change— no doubt found under some magnificent sofa cushions— for a little more lawn and shrubbery. And the neighbors are thrilled. As per the Marin Independent Journal, a Mr. and Mrs. Winslow recently purchased the c.1900 home next door to theirs on Belvedere Drive and are now erasing it from the face of the earth. Demolition's apparently been going on for a few weeks, and it's not so much the concept as the numbers that are staggering. The house was purchased by its previous owners for $7,000,000 in 2004 only to be foreclosed upon and abandoned two years later. The Winslows spent $4,200,000 for it at auction and will spend an unknown amount landscaping their new yard, all chump change considering the they paid $19,000,000 for their current 11,200 square foot domicile in 2008. In a way it all makes perfect sense— they get a bigger back yard, the house blocking their new view was not exactly an architectural marvel, and it guarantees no one else will build something even more hideous— prudent and time-honored activities of the rich. We're going to assume that under Marin County codes most of the building materials have been re-cycled (otherwise the demolition would have been over in hours, not weeks) and that the Winslows will be restoring the land's original coastal meadow.
· Belvedere Couple Pays $4.2 Million For a Yard and a View [Marin IJ]