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Who's The Urban Avenger Targeting "Illegal" Garage Sale Signs With Hand-Delivered Threats?

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Persons (or person) unknown have been distributing "Notice of Violation" packets around town to people who put up signs advertising garage and moving sales. It's pretty scary stuff— possibly heart attack-inducing— that cites the property information and is addressed to the building's owner. Which in most cases is the landlord, and includes the threat of eviction along with threats of legal action for the "illegal billboard." As if putting a bounty on your head (above) isn't enough. Accompanying the notice is a three-page screed with the likes of:

? it is a malicious trespass and harmful misuse ?no one is above the law ?like litter and graffiti they visually degrade and pollute our urban landscape.
Of course, they're right, and make that abundantly clear over three pages in 6-point single-spaced boilerplate, citing applicable Federal, State and City codes on "Community Action" letterhead with City Hall's address and Room 338, which happens to be the Department of Public Works.

Crikey, you're just trying to have a garage sale, and in addition to not having enough change, you're responsible for both urban decay and the fall of civilization. Our assumption is that the culprit checks out the day's Craigslist postings and then heads out on their sign surveillance expedition. Have you gotten one of these and survived? Let us know in the comments. There's a link to the city's policy on signage— and their disclaimer— below. Meanwhile, the City Attorney is looking into the notices' legality, and while they may be unsettling they're probably not a crime. DPW spokesperson Gloria Chan emphasized the notices have nothing to do with the department, saying "we're working on it."
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