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No A-Cup In Hawaii Any Time Soon

OK, people, Larry Ellison may have bought the Hawaiian island of Lanai, but that does not mean the America's Cup is moving there. The Chronicle gives an inventory of his known residential property holdings, and while conspiracy theorists around town may be having a good time with the rumors, no one knows why he bought the island, and the best reason is simple- because he can. As for that Cup, Ellison does not own the America's Cup. The race is managed under a deed of trust and the Golden Gate Yacht Club holds the trophy as the winner of the last race. It's entirely possible the Cup itself will wind up in Stockholm or Palermo come September 2013, where the rules for the 2015 race will be decided by the club that wins, including the decision to continue with the America's Cup Event Authority, the Ellison-financed group that's currently putting on the race in 2013 and was going to lease all those Embarcadero piers. [SFGate/Curbed SF]