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2800 Pacific Gets Re-Listed, Still Taunting the Neighbors

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Was: $12,500,000
Now: $10,950,000
You Save: $1,550,000 And it's back. 2800 Pacific Street got a subtle refreshing after refusing to budge when put on the market last October. At least this time around, better staging and a little paint makes it looks less daunting and more habitable. Plus cheaper is always better. Best known to older, party-hearty but still extant San Franciscans as philanthropist Lee Herbst Gruhn's house, the 6-bed, 5.5-bath Georgian-style mansion is known to architectural historians as the Sarah Spooner House, built in 1899 and designed by architect Ernest Coxhead. Coxhead has his partisan admirers, as one wrote about the Spooner House:

?when approached from the street, the house becomes a restless series of receding forms that taunt the pedestrian classicism of its neighbors.And while on the outside it's clearly his version of Georgian, the interiors are the typically eclectic late 1890s, meaning a little French here, a little English there and at some point later, a lot of gilding and mirrors. A lot of mirrors. From a civic point of view, we'd love to see this sold— the property tax is currently the ridiculous sum of $5000 a year. And if you've ever wondered (like us) why the house looks so odd, it's probably because the over-scaled pediments and cornice were originally not painted bright white but are actually a light brown sandstone underneath.
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