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Bayview's Sam Jordan's Bar Up For Landmark Status

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Today the Historic Preservation Commission will vote on landmarking Sam Jordan’s Bar, located in the Bayview at 4004 Third Street. Built in 1883, the building has served as the bar since 1959 when African American Navy veteran and former boxer Sam Jordan bought the place. The bar became the local anchor for the community, and hosted scholarship drives and business luncheons. It also acted as a political center. In 1963, Jordan made history as the first African American to run for San Francisco mayor, emphasizing equality, civil rights and the rights of the working class. He lived in the building and ran the downstairs bar for almost 50 years, until his death in 2003. Jordan’s two children still own and run the bar, and support the landmark nomination.

Landmark the building would be a big deal for San Francisco. Currently, there’s only two landmarks associated with African American history (the Madame C. J. Walker House and the Leonard/Poole House) and only five of the city’s 262 landmarks are in Bayview?Hunter’s Point. If the HPC vote yes on landmarking the bar, it’ll go forward to the Board of Supervisors for a final approval.

Check out the landmark designation report for the full awesome and impressive history on the bar and Sam Jordan.
· Landmark Designation Case Report: 4004-4006 Third Street [SF Planning]