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Children's Day School at 601 Dolores Has a NIMBY Problem

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601 Dolores will get appealed to the BOS [Photo: SF Planning]

Today the Supervisors will hear an appeal on the exemption from environmental review for Children's Day School at 601 Dolores Street - the church-turned-mansion-turned-school. The school bought the former church when it was a mega-mansion back in August 2011, and got the approvals for the conversion in April, including exemption from full environmental review because the alterations were minor enough.

Not so, say the appellants (who just so happen to be the NIMBY neighbor directly south) - they argue that the project isn't consistent with the General Plan and wasn't vetted enough to evaluate the impacts of the change of use. Wrong, says the Planning Department, who stick by their original findings that the project is clear to go ahead. But this is the city that had a popular sandwich shop shutdown because it was "ruining the quality of life" for the tenants above, because of the constant smell of bacon. Now it lays in the hands of the Supes - we'll let you know how it plays out.
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Children's Day School

601 Dolores st, San Francisco, CA