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Wine Cellar Gets Dragged Out of the Basement, Sommelier Not Included

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How do you fit modern family life (for the rich) into an old house? Take it apart stick by stick and put it back together again. That's what Sotheby's agent and serial renovator Rick Teed did in Cow Hollow, remaking an undistinguished gambrel-roofed house into this 4-bed, 4.5-bath 2-kitchen, deluxe dream house. It came on the market last Friday morning at $5.495M. He did more than take it down to the studs. He took the c.1924 house apart, setting aside the vintage (and high-quality) lumber while putting in a new foundation and steel framing, then reincorporating it all back into the structure. Re-scripting the old into new has become the rage again.
He explains it all in the video, but from the windows, the trimless walls (no baseboards to dust!) to the lighting and the flooring, there's little about this house that's either ordinary or off the shelf.

The street entrance is a custom, pivoting steel door set with barn siding. Behind it on the first floor are open spaces extending to the back yard, with a family room, kitchen and au/pair suite. One flight up, the open entertaining space includes the aforementioned wine cellar— a glazed, temperature controlled room that incorporates a service bar with a dishwasher behind a scrim of your favorite bottles. Meaning no more running downstairs for that last bottle of whatever, plus it's next to the main kitchen. Top floor, the expected master suite and two more bedrooms, each with their own baths. The staging is by the guys at Green Couch, but looking past all that, there's an impeccable minimalist setting. Leaving only the question of whether your wine collection— and wallet— are up to the challenge.
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