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Very Strong Calves Can Be Yours For $629K

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This little hideout is located on the Filbert Steps on Telegraph Hill. It's a 1-bed, 1-bath, 731-square-foot condo asking $629,000. It was designed in 1940 by starchitect Gardner Dailey, and the condo's being described as "county living in the City." From what we gather, the property (it's a 3-unit building) can only be accessed via dirt path, which we think is just the bee's knees. Once inside, charm takes over. There's a fantastic living room with walls of windows and a large french doors which lead to a deck overlooking the garden (are you swooning yet?). There's also a shared roof deck. Monthly HOA dues are $325 and there's 1-car parking nearby if you want to shell out $400 per month.
· 261 Filbert [Redfin]