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Get Dad to Buy You This Eichler For Father's Day

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After you've softened him up with brunch, take Dad up into the Oakland Hills to see this newly renovated 5-bed, 2-bath Eichler that came on the market this week at $715,000. He'll want to know there's plenty of room for the grandkids (although maybe not quite enough bathrooms) and a home office to tele-commute from. Plus that the radiant heating has been replaced along with the kitchen. The last time one of these stylish rehabs came on the market, the open houses were packed and it sold for for over asking. Yet another of the "Lost Eichlers of the Oakland Hills" and one of about fifty houses Eichler built there in the mid-60s to designs by Claude Oakland and Jones & Emmons, you can see it for yourself on Sunday, July 17 from 1:00PM to 4:00PM. · "Honey, Can We Move to Oakland?" [Curbed SF]
· 8050 Phaeton Drive, Oakland Hills [Redfin]
· Oakland Hills Eichlers [East Bay Modern]