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Battle Brewing Over Proposed Development in Forest Knolls

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Forest Knolls is known for it's single-family homes and suburban feel, but today the Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on the Draft EIR for the San Francisco Overlook project. The development will include new construction of 12 two-unit buildings and a 10-unit townhouse building on an undeveloped super steep site along the western slope of Mt. Sutro on Crestmont Drive. Housing would include two- and three-bedroom homes for families, as well as a pedestrian walking area and public open space. Not surprisingly, neighbors aren't thrilled about the development. They've even formed their own neighborhood organization centered around opposition of the project. "It's really totally inappropriate for the neighborhood," said Sam Sobol of the Crestmount-Mt. Sutro Neighborhood Preservation Coalition. "There's nothing else like it in Forest Knolls." They have issues with increased traffic, parking, geoseismic stability, and density increase. Expect many passionate outcries at today's hearing.
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