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$7M Buena Vista Abode Has Every Bell and Whistle You Need

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We have a new member of our Very, Very Expensive Club. 15 Buena Vista Terrace is an absolutely breathtaking 4-bed, 4.5-bath, 71,37-square-foot mansion asking $7,000,000. No need to adjust your glasses, you read that right. Where do we start? There's a movie theater, 750-bottle wine cellar, and a top floor that's described as a "party room." We should also mention that the master closet is what dreams are made of. Even the home gym is fancy, as its french doors open to a stone patio with glorious water fountain. Readers, how do you feel about the extremely glossy kitchen? Are you a lacquer lover? Let us know in the comments!
· 15 Buena Vista Terrace [Redfin]