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Board of Supes Tackle 8 Washington (Again) and Warriors Arena This Afternoon

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[Concept by Future Cities showing Warrior's stadium below Bay Bridge at Piers 30-32]

8 WASHINGTON - The hotly contested project at 8 Washington will be one step closer to a done-deal today, after Supes vote on zoning map and General Plan amendments to accomodate the project. The height and bulk district classification of the zoning map needs to be changed to allow for the buildings, as well as the height and bulk map in the General Plan. They'll also be voting on the sale of a portion of Seawall 351. It’s a pretty dry step in the process, but a (small) step nonetheless. [SF Gov]

WARRIORS - The Supes will also hold a hearing on the process for Warriors Arena negotiations. While this is only a hearing on how to hold the negotiations, not the negotiations themselves (did you follow that?), there are some details on how things will go down. Since the proposed site is Piers 30-32, the Office of Economic and Workforce Development will act as the lead negotiator, in coordination with Port staff and subject to the Port Commission's direction. The Supes are also urging OEWD and the Port to do outreach to neighbors and the community now so there’s no public input issue in the future. [SF Gov]

Warriors Arena

Pier 30-32, San Francisco, CA 94105