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3368 Jackson Street Gets Re-Scripted, Ready For its Close-Up

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Real estate agents love their "down to the studs" renovations, but in the case of 3368 Jackson Street, the renovation involved erasing most of the 1913 house and exchanging it for a 2012 version. The 6-bed, 6.5-bath house came on the market last week, asking $15,500,000 after a two-year overhaul under the guidance of Lewis Butler at Butler Armsden Architects and interior designer Stephanie Fillbrandt at Marsh & Clark. The house was purchased in 2010 for $3,500,000— a relatively low price for Presidio Heights— but came handicapped with a first floor wing and garage that took up the rest of the lot. Lewis Butler told us there had been a warren of rooms (one with a pipe organ) filling the back, an arrangement which proved a stumbling block for potential buyers. He convinced his clients to remove the back of the house and re-build from the ground up, and described the project as "stitching together" the old front and an entirely new back. The stitching-up went well. There's a new mud room entrance at the garage level which leads directly up to the open kitchen, and the dining room "floats" in the center of the house, allowing easy front-to-back passage instead of working through the series of rooms in most Edwardians (floor plans in the gallery.) The back end of the first floor has been replaced by a terrace with artificial turf. Above, a master suite with another terrace— the bathroom has a tub you may be unwilling to leave. Yet another terrace and sitting room on the top floor, open to a view of the Presidio. Taken altogether, it's a new house, and much larger than could be built on the site today. As for the price, the owners no doubt looked at the smaller Teed-Haze project next door which sold (quickly) last year for $9,250,000. We're not expecting any open houses.
[Update: We've found the 2010 listing and gallery for 3368 Jackson Street. No matter how much you love pipe organs, pink paint, drapes and hundred-year-old clutter do get in the way.]
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