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Supercentenarian Cottage in Alamo Square Up For Grabs

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This private cottage (built in 1895) in Alamo Square is cute as a button. Sure, it's a TIC, but it's got fractional financing and has been in the condo lottery for the past two years. The 1-bed, 1-bath cottage is asking $399,000, which makes it the latest member of our Under 500K Club. There's a 3-unit building in the front of the lot, so this is a stand-alone property in the back. Also included its very own brick patio area, new redwood deck, and vegetable garden. The kitchen needs some work, but other than that we're quite smitten with the place. Dear readers, do you think this property will get asking? Let us know in the comments!
· 955 Grove, #3 [Pacific Union]