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We're Over You, Palo Alto

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Will "Who has a party in Palo Alto?" be the next "Who dies in their own vomit these days?" While Shit Silicon Valley Says may not have the staying power of Ab Fab's Patsy, the Financial Post takes a good look at what's not happening on Peninsula: Start-ups. As more and more people don't want be suburbanites or commute south every day, combined with effect of the Mid-Market/Twitter payroll tax break, San Francisco's residential and commercial real estate is getting ready to burst at the seams again. Illustrated with an appropriately tattoo'd barista at Sightglass Coffee on 7th Street, the piece also manages to pull in an evergreen Aaron Peskin quote with “I’m always amazed by human beings’ ability to conveniently repress recent history.” [Financial Post/Photo Credit: Robert Galbraith]