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San Francisco Giants Pitcher Barry Zito Lists His Kentfield Estate For $11,495,000

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When Barry Zito signed a seven-year deal with the San Francisco Giants worth $126 million, it should come as no surprise that the lefty pitcher plopped down a large sum for a glamorous and amazing house over in Kentfield. A long but beautiful drive to work, but far enough away that he probably wouldn't be recognized at his local Whole Foods. Now he's listed his big abode for $11,495,000. 660 Goodhill Road, aka Villa Della Pace, sits on two and a quarter acres of hillside overlooking Phoenix Lake with views of Mt. Tamalpais. According to property records, the 5-bed (one of them is in the guest house), 5.5-bath, 6,672-square-foot fortress was built in 2002. We should point out that the garage is 864-square-feet, which is larger than most one bedrooms in this town. There's also 3,266-square-feet of deck. Is it happy hour yet? Because we seriously need a drink. Based on the lack of any baseball memorabilia or musical equipment (Zito plays both the guitar and drums), we assume Zito and his lovely wife have left the building (or maybe never even lived there) and are residing elsewhere. He has a house in Southern California as well.
· Villa Della Pace, Kentfield [Marilyn Rich]

Villa Della Pace

660 Goodhill Road, Kentfield, CA