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Atherton McMansion Asking $22,800,000

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This Frech Normandy inspired mega mansion was built just this year and is located south of San Francisco in Atherton, a town known for its extremely pricey real estate and close proximity to some of the world's biggest tech companies. The 10-bed, 6-bath, 14,000-square-foot abode sits on 1.25 acres and is asking $22,800,000. Property highlights include all the bells and whistles you'd associate with a property of this caliber: sport court; massive swimming pool; outdoor kitchen bigger than your apartment that you pay $3,000 a month for; pool house; and our favorite, a 3D home movie theater complete with lobby and concession stand (we didn't make that up—check out the photos). There's also a ballroom with a bar. Facebook's HQ in Menlo Park is a quick 20 minute drive, think one of its executives might scoop this place up? Coincidentally, Google's HQ in Mountain View is also 20 minutes away. We'd also like to point out that while $22,800,000 certainly isn't chump change, this big abode isn't even the most expensive currently for sale in Atherton. That title goes to 70 Barry Lane.
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