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Stucco Sea Cliff Teardown Reaps $1.35M Over Asking

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Proving once again that no one's making any more oceanfront, someone took the opportunity to change the look of the Golden Gate— at least for those passing Chinese container ships— and buying 496 Seacliff Avenue for a whopping $7,200,000, well over the asking price of $5,850,000 when the house came on the market on April 13. While it may indeed prove not to be a teardown, the gated property sits on a 24,400 square foot lot and we can't be the only ones licking their chops at the possibilities. Whether it's actually oceanfront is open to speculation. Considering that the only downhill (downcliff?) neighbor is China Beach Park far below, it doesn't much matter. Kudos to all involved, and frankly this is one open house we're sorry to have missed.
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