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Watch The Dolores Park Playground Come Together

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Dolores Park has been many things, including a cemetery, an earthquake refugee camp, and for the past few decades, one of the city's most vibrant living rooms— now with more playground. Once upon a time, a playground meant laying down some asphalt and putting up the monkey bars next to an indestructible swing set. Not so much anymore. The park's new Helen Diller Playground is the result of years of negotiation and design driven by (and funded by) individuals and families in the Eureka Valley/Dolores Heights neighborhood, evolving over a three-year period from off-the-rack playground equipment to the well-crafted venue we see today. Don't get over to Dolores Park much? Despite being the center of some people's universe, others give it a wide berth, but we recommend the video above (via MissionLocal) with a sequence of images taken during the construction for an idea of how complex the project was— and how beautiful the setting is. Appropriately, the music is Gerry Garcia singing "Teddy Bears Picnic."
· Renovation [Friends of Dolores Park Playground]
· Video: Construction of Dolores Park Playground [MissionLocal]

Dolores Park

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