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Vine-Covered And Romantic Mansion in Presidio Heights Comes With A Circular Dining Room

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Old-school, mysterious, somewhat worn: 3731 Jackson Street came on the market last week, asking $3,300,000 for the c.1919, 5-bed, 4.5-bath house in a neighborhood where houses routinely trade for much more. This one looks like its last renovation was in the '50s— not a bad thing, when you consider what could have befallen it in subsequent decades. Through a vine-covered entrance and up two flights of stairs, you wind up in front of an austerely simple pavilion open on three sides to an overgrown garden.

There's an office level off the stairs (counted as a bedroom) just above the garage, but the main floor is basically five rooms— a foyer the size of a studio apartment, a big living room, a circular dining room, the kitchen and a maid's room. Upstairs, three bedrooms— a semi-circular bedroom plus a paneled library (counted as the master bedroom) and one more, probably intended as a guest room. There are floor plans in the gallery. And while there's an elevator to all floors from the garage, it was clearly built for life with servants— by a prosperous couple, probably "artistic" given the Piranesian entry and the Della Robbia medallions set into the stucco.

While we don't know who it was built for, the architect was the eclectic stylist James F. Dunn. The realtor's calling it "French," we're thinking it belongs on Lake Como. That garden is just waiting to be loved again. See it for yourself at the open house on Mother's Day, May 13 from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.
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