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Tomorrow Mayor Lee Has His Monthly Visit With the Supervisors, Here's a Sampling of the Questions That'll Be Asked

HOUSING - Supervisor Olague from District 5 will be asking the Mayor about the San Francisco Housing Authority. As one of the largest providers of housing in San Francisco and serves over 20,000 people, she wants to know how to make the Housing Authority more transparent and accountable. Suggestions include locating its Commission hearings in City Hall and broadcasting them for greater public access. [SF Gov]

LOCAL ARTS - Mission district Supervisor Campos wants to know about local arts organizations who are struggling financially given ongoing cuts to arts funding. With arts groups in the Mission highlighting Latinos, women and local communities, he wants to know how the Mayor will help work to preserve and strengthen cultural institutions. [SF Gov]
[Mini Hall via Curbed Flickr pool/Chris Saulit]

San Francisco City Hall

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